Clemson Extension to help Horry County community with wild hog issue

Jason M. Rodriguez, with the Sun News, writes that Ben Powell (A natural resource agent with the Clemson extension.) will meet with citizens from the Colonial Charters Homeowners Association to discuss their worries of the increasing wild hog population around their homes.

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From tactical to field: Hunting wild hogs the Mossberg way

Brian McCombie, with Gun Digest, writes about his recent hog hunt in western Texas using his new Mossberg 500 Tactical Tri-Rail pump shotgun.

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Horry County to discuss addressing wild hog problems

Jason M. Rodriguez writes that South Carolina Horry County’s public safety committee has plans to step up their control of wild hogs. The animals have been destroying farm fields, yards and woodlands.

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Hogs Push back Palms Opening to April

Bob West, with The Port Arthur News, reports that the installation of the new Mini-Verde greens on The Palms at Pleasure Island in December have been postponed.  The continuing destruction being wreaked by wild hogs is blamed for the delay.

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Targeting the wild boars of New York

Tom Precious, with the New Albany Bureau, writes that feral hogs have caught the attention of the New York State government. Lawmakers are concerned that the population might explode in the state, and cause even more problems for farmers.

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Wild Boar in Groundnut Sauce

Check out this Wild Boar recipe by Marra Mamba from

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A&E’s AMERICAN HOGGERS to Return 10/22

New back-to back episodes of “American Hoggers” return Tuesday, October 22 at 10PM ET/PT. Watch the Campbell family as they battle against the millions of wild boars in Texas.

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Invasive species for dinner? Add a grain of salt

Sarah Coward with the Fort Myers, Florida News press writes that In Fort Myers, they are serving python fillets on pizza and wild boar on spaghetti. They’re frying whole lionfish and serving it with mango salsa in Miami. Could this be a solution to Florida’s invasive species?

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Bubba’s Bacon Station promoting wild boar as feral hog solution

James Muñoz, with KENS 5, reports that on November 14th, Bubba Ortiz will host a fundraising dinner at the New Braunfels Children’s Museum. The main fare will be feral hogs in an effort to help the Museum and to exhibit the tastiness of wild boar.

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Nighttime hog hunts resume to control population

Nighttime hog hunts are being held in nearly a dozen publicly owned preserves throughout west and southwest Florida.  The non-native hogs are overwhelming the local ecology.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District hosts hog hunts that allow for a limited number of permits on public preserves.

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