Wild Boar Meat Company

The Wild Boar Meat Company is a wild-boar-only processing plant located in Hubbard, Texas.

BOAR BUYING HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday 7a.m.-9a.m. & 8p.m.-10p.m.

$.40/lb – CALL FOR QUESTIONS 254-315-1289

 License for Hunters

  • Hunters purchase¬†a company-license, abide by the rules (below), kill wild boar, and bring the wild boar carcasses to the processing plant in Hubbard, TX

Main Rules

  • Gut wild boar within 30 minutes of kill
  • Heart, lungs, and liver remain on carcass; for images click here
  • Get carcass to processing plant within 8 hours of kill
  • For full rules click here

Purchase License