Terms and Conditions

You agree to abide by the rules when harvesting wild boar to sell to the Wild Boar Meat Company.
Any violation of the rules will result in a strike on your license.
Three strikes and you’re out – you will no longer be able to sell wild boar to the Wild Boar Meat Company.

How it works

  • Hunters obtain a license, abide by the rules (below), kill wild boar, and bring the wild boar carcasses to the processing plant in Hubbard, TX
  • The Wild Boar Meat Company will perform an inspection on the wild boar carcasses at the processing plant
  • If the carcasses pass inspection, the Hunter’s receive payment
  • Wild Boar Meat Company reserves the right to reject carcasses when its supply needs are exceeded



  • Wild boar should not be harvested in areas known to have potentially harmful substances or poison
  • Wild boar should be harvested in a way to prevent unnecessary injury, pain, and suffering with the least practicable disturbance
  • Carcasses are to be separated to prevent contamination
  • Carcasses are to be bled within three minutes of being killed
  • No minimum weight (subject to change)
  • Boars and sows accepted
  • The Company will not accept any wild boar killed with buckshot

Processing/Field Dressing:

  • Commence gutting and field dressing within 30 minutes of wild boar being killed
  • Skin, heart, liver and lungs are to be left on the carcasses; for images click here
  • Knife used for processing and field dressing is to be cleaned before and after field dressing each wild boar carcass
  • Anus and urinary tract is to be freed so as to prevent contamination
  • Discharge from the esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, gall bladder, urinary bladder, udder and uterus is prohibited. Any carcass subject to discharge shall be condemned


  • Carcasses to be protected from excessive rain and dust
  • Carcasses may not be transported with any chemicals
  • Carcasses must be kept separate from other animals including animals used for harvesting
  • Carcasses must be brought to the processing plant within 8 hours of harvest
  • Carcasses must be carried in a manner that does not create an area for the build up of dust or bacteria that may present a risk to the wholesomeness of the product
  • Carcass body cavities must remain open during transportation or be packed with ice

Hunters must excercise personal hygiene practices that do not jeopardize the wholesomeness of the wild boar carcass. Hunter’s must have access to sufficient water, sanitizer, paper towels and liquid hand soap to carry out hygienic processing.

Summary of Rules:

  • Gut wild boar within 30 minutes of kill
  • Skin, heart, lungs and liver remain on carcass
  • Get carcass to processing plant within 8 hours of kill